His mother Mahalakshmamma and father Kotaiah (well known as Morthota Kotaiah) toiled till their end for the family of two sons and two daughters. Suraiah is his elder brother. Venkatasubbamma and Varalakshmamma are his sisters. None of them is alive nor their families reside at Yalavarru village now. His sister's son Sri Sambasivarao is now at Pyaparru, a village nearby and feel is proud of his maternal uncle though not educated as well.

He married a widow Smt. Samrajyamma which is again a daring step in those days, detracting the near and dear. The couple gave birth to one daughter, Chandra Leela and five sons, Chinnaya Suri, Devaraja Sudhimani, Ramaraja Bhushanudu, Appaji and Nannechoda Deva Varma.

Family Tree