Life as a Student

We can draw similarities between the renowned sage Patanjali and Sri Rosayya a renowned academician. He tried to remove the impurity of speech by grammar as all of us know. Whether he had touched the other two, the yoga and the Ayurveda, we have to go into the details of his life.

When the literacy rate is at 10% of the population and when the laws of Manu are at prominence, this lower middle class, rather poor agriculturist became a graduate which was prestigeous to his class.

The percentage of that cadre would be about 0.01% at that time. To become a post graduate was nothing shorter than a wonder in those days. Taking up the task of teaching is a daring adventure. Therefore he is not ordinary but extra-ordinary.

For all this he is indebted to the epoch making Head Master of the then George Coronation Board High School, Thurumella, Sri Pokkunuri Dakshinamurthy, who brought 100% passes in S.S.L.C. for several years. Sri Rosayya is the pet student of that illustrious Head master. For being bright among his colleagues he was Sri Rosayya's college career went along with the support of his friends and well wishers. He is a scholar and an authority in his field of which no other person dare to question. Merit and mastery over both Telugu and English languages made him dearer to Jayapur Maharaja and Siddhantam Dora.